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Hotel Rural Olatzea: the old mill of Arbizu is transformed into a singular accommodation

Hotel Rural Olatzea was born from a project to recover the old mill of Arbizu, a historical construction of great ethnographic value, rooted in the memory of the region. The mill not only served to facilitate the grinding of cereals, it also shared space with the generator that provided light to Arbizu until the 30s.

Therefore, the hotel has been rehabilitated with the core idea of preserving and highlighting the importance of this emblematic construction, which is still in operation. At the hotel reception, you can see the stone that grinds the grains, moved by the waters of the river.

Staying at Hotel Rural Olatzea is a unique experience. The different parts of the mill are interspersed between the rooms of the hotel, as if it were a real museum, harmonizing progress and history.

The rooms have the charm of the traditional “caseríos”, with wood-panelled ceilings and classic furniture, combined with contemporary amenities and services.

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A haven between valleys and mountains

Hotel Rural Olatzea is located in a valley surrounded by a combination of mountain ranges and lush forests next to the Leziza River.

In the surroundings you can go hiking or practice various sports and adventure activities. Going into the mountains of Andía, Aralar and Urbasa you will discover a unique place, where time seems to stop to follow the rhythms of nature. A place to unwind, breathe and reconnect with the essentials.

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Warm and spacious fully equipped rooms.
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The hotel has a terrace, garden area and much more.
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We are halfway between Vitoria and Pamplona.
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