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Hotel Rural Olatzea

Hotel Rural Olatzea is located in a plain of the Sakana valley on the outskirts of Arbizu, far enough to enjoy a retreat in the middle of nature, but close enough to reach the centre of the village in a short walk.

The natural environment of the hotel is full of attractions for lovers of hiking, mountains or those seeking to escape and disconnect.

Natural parks

The Sakana valley forms a natural corridor in which the mountains are open to the visitors, almost as if the orography itself invites you to enter and discover the lush beech and oak forests, to feel the unique freshness of its rivers or to surprise yourself with the immensity which is seen from the highest peaks.

Arbizu is surrounded by the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park, the Aralar Natural Park and the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park, all of them recognized for their geological, landscape and cultural values. It is worth going into any of them, starting with their interpretation centres to better understand their characteristics.

The ascent to Mount Beriáin, almost 1,500 meters high, is one of the most recommended activities. It is the highest mountain in Navarre and undeniably one of the most beautiful. At the top, where the hermitage of San Donato is located, there are privileged views of the valley and the mountain range of Andía.

Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar

The Sanctuary of San Miguel in Excelsis is a place of legends with more than a thousand years of history. It houses the Aralar altarpiece, a masterpiece of European enamelling with a composition of more than 39 pieces. Legend has it that it was a wedding gift that Ricardo Corazón de León offered to Berenguela de Navarra, as a promise that he would marry her.

As for the temple, it also has its own legend with fantastic tints. According to this traditional story, Teodosio de Goñi, on his return from the war against the Arabs, was deceived by the devil, who told him that his wife was betraying him with a servant. Furious, he ran to his bedroom with a dagger and stabbed the couple who lay on it, which turned out to be his own parents. Upon realizing his crime, Teodosio made a pilgrimage to Rome to apologize to the Pope, who condemned him to return to the Aralar dragging chains. When he arrived in Aralar, Teodosio ran into a dragon and implored San Miguel to defend him. The saint appeared to him, killing the dragon and freeing him from its chains. In gratitude, Teodio built the sanctuary, where it is said that his chains are still kept.

Cave of Mendukilo

Less than half an hour from Hotel Rural Olatzea is the Cave of Mendukilo, a karstic cavity from which you can explore the depths of the Aralar mountain range.

The cave was used as a stable and shelter for shepherds, who took advantage of its good conditions and natural lighting.

Today, the cave is fully enabled for the visit. Inside, there are stalactites, stalagmites, gours and other geological formations and you can explore different chambers such as the Lakes or the Dragon's Dwelling.